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99 & Counting Medical Myths Debunked
PART FOUR: Preventative Health

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35. “Eating carrots will improve your eyesight” – Harrison Weisinger

36. “Fish oil is good for heart health” – Michael Vagg

37. “Peanuts stop motion sickness” – Merlin Thomas & Chris Tikellis

38. “Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight” – Harrison Weisinger

39. “Reading from a screen harms your eyes” – Harrison Weisinger

40. “SPF50+ sunscreen almost doubles the protection of SPF30+” – Ian Olver

41. “Take a vitamin a day for better health” – Clare Collins

42. “Take an aspirin a day after you turn 50” – Michael Tam

43. “Vitamin C prevents colds” – Michael Tam

44. “We’re not getting enough sun” – Ian Olver

45. “Cranberry juice prevents bladder infections” – Michael Tam

46. “A diet high in antioxidants slows the ageing process” – Michael Vagg

47. “Chicken soup cures the common cold” – Merlin Thomas

48. “Dairy products exacerbate asthma” – Janet Rimmer

49. “You have to wash with hot water to kill bugs” – Merlin Thomas

50. “You need eight hours of continuous sleep each night” – Leon Lack

51. “Osteoarthritis can be ‘cured’” – Michael Vagg

52. “Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis” – Michael Vagg

53. “Deodorants cause breast cancer” – Terry Slevin

54. “Wearing a bra to bed increases your risk of breast cancer” – Lea Budden

55. “You can catch a cold by getting cold” – Merlin Thomas

56. “Drink plenty of fluids when you have a cold” – Chris Del Mar

57. “The flu vaccine will give you influenza” – Julie Leask

58. “Testicular self-examination is a waste of time” – Mark Frydenberg

59. “Natural cancer therapies can’t harm you” – Ray Lowenthal

60. “Warts aren’t contagious” – Michael Tam

61. “The placebo effect only works on the gullible” – Michael Vagg