Future Leaders is a national Initiative about leadership and the future of Australia. It seeks to involve, inform and inspire young people.
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99 & Counting

99 & Counting Medical Myths Debunked

How many times have you heard the statement ‘We only use 10% of our brain’ or ‘Chicken soup cures the common cold’? Many ideas about medical problems and general health are passed down through the generations and become firmly embedded, while others have emerged more recently, such as ‘The flu vaccine will give you influenza’. 99 & Counting Medical Myths Debunked seeks to dispel all of these ill-founded notions and explains how the wrong interpretation or conclusions have arisen. This book provides a much-needed antidote to the sage advice family and friends may proffer, through well-researched studies by medical scientists who have taken these medical ‘myths’ and truly debunked them.

Life Surfing Life Dancing Book Cover

Life Surfing Life Dancing

Life Surfing Life Dancing is about living a healthy happy life. It brings together inspirational writers to discuss their views on wellbeing and health, based not only on their clinical and research roles, but also from their life experiences.

Space Place Culture Book Cover

Space Place & Culture

Space Place & Culture explores ways in which we manage our space, our place and our culture, and provides insights for the future. It also features creative writing by young people, winners of Future Leaders writing prizes.

More or Less Book Cover

More or Less: Democracy & New Media

More Or Less is about democracy, free speech and new media, separately and together. It examines how digital media influences democratic processes, political institutions and modes of political communication and in what ways it is impacting on our lives with respect to freedom of expression, civil society, government transparency and the rule of law. The book also includes first hand and detailed accounts of legal cases, which have had far reaching consequences for individuals and disparate, disadvantaged groups of people. The second part of the book features fine creative writing by young people, winners in the Future Leaders Writing Prize.

Health Book Cover


Health, written by leading academics and researchers, covers chronic disease, climate change and health, Influenza, health policy, education of doctors, child and adolescent health, indigenous health, ageing and health, mental health, rural health, global health and the control and eradication of malaria from a preventative health perspective. Gandhi’s words remind us that, ‘It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver’.

Future Justice Book Cover

Future Justice

Future Justice is concerned with what those living today leave behind for future generations. In the first part of the book leading academics and thinkers explore the meaning of future justice and our responsibilities with respect to the environment, Indigenous Australians, refugees, science, human rights education, sexuality, economics, Southeast Asia, a Human Rights Charter, the United Nations and the Australian Constitution. The second part of the book features writing by young people on violent conflict, dementia, identity, death, love, celebrity procreation and climate change.

Climate Change Book Cover

Climate Change On for Young & Old

This book is about climate change and its increasing threat to human civilization. In the first part, leading Australian academics, environmentalists and thinkers write about the effects and experience of rapid climate change in Australia and globally. In the second part, talented young writers, entrants in the Future Leaders Climate Writing Award, offer a combination of gloomy assessment, despair and hope in looking at the current and potential impacts of climate change. It is clear from the contents of the book that we must move with great speed and effectiveness to secure our future. As Sir Nicholas Stern pointed out, ‘There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we take strong action now.’