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Proof of Birth

Mick Gooda

“From time to time I begin speeches with the words of Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s poem ‘A Song of Hope’. The poem captures both the challenges and the promise of a truly reconciled Australia …”

The right to universal birth registration in Australia
Paula Gerber and Melissa Castan

“Having a birth certificate is a key to citizenship. Most people born in this country take it for granted that they can prove they are Australian and lawful citizens by producing their birth certificate …”

Registering the births of Indigenous Australians in New South Wales
Alainnah Calabrò

“It has only recently been widely recognised that many Indigenous Australians are unable to obtain primary evidence of their identity. This issue is identified by its absence, with most Australians taking for granted the benefits of legal recognition …”

Registering the births of Indigenous Australians in Victoria
Melissa Castan and Paula Gerber

“When the Closing the Gap on Indigenous Birth Registration project was first conceived in 2009, there were many barriers to Indigenous Australians accessing the Victorian birth registration system …”

Australia’s civil registration and vital statistics system
Dr AJ Lanyon and David John

“Knowing how many people live in Australia and what the future of Australia’s population might look like has been a critical input into the decisions made by government since this country’s settlement …”

Indigenous driving issues in the Pilbara region
Alice Barter

“The gross over-representation of Indigenous Australians in the criminal justice system is well recognised. This chapter shows that driving offences contribute significantly to this over-representation and investigates the problems associated with obtaining a driver’s licence in the Pilbara region of Western Australia …”

The Minimbah Project: facilitating birth registration and birth certificates in rural and regional communities
Will Winter

“The Minimbah Project is a community-led response designed to ensure that all Australian-born citizens have access to a full legal identity. The Project assists thousands of Australians who struggle to fully participate in Australian life because their birth was not registered, or they can’t access a birth certificate …”

Traditional Australian Aboriginal naming processes
Rod Hagen

“Names’ are ubiquitous in the human world, but their functions, the information they carry, and the constraints placed upon their public and private use vary immensely from culture to culture, society to society, and from situation to situation within them …”

Improving identification of Indigenous babies in maternity services
Kate Freeman and Jacqueline Watkins

“Some of the chapters in this book have highlighted the challenges that a number of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people face on learning that they have no proof of birth – as well as no official proof of their Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander identity …”

Plan International’s birth registration program in Nepal
Sophie Shugg

“A name and nationality is every child’s right, enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and other international treaties. Birth registration and birth certificates are a stand-alone right, as well as an enabler for accessing other basic rights and benefits, such as education, protection and health care …”

A planned approach to universal birth registration
Jack Regester

“UNICEF estimates that every year, around 57 million births go unregistered. For over 60 years, UNICEF has been conducting programs to improve the rates of birth registration. This work has involved implementing programs in 75 countries and advocacy to governments in many more …”

Lessons from Indonesia’s missing millions
Cate Sumner

“Indonesia has more children without a birth certificate than the entire population of Australia. Scale aside, there is much to be learnt from how Indonesia is grappling with the task of providing a legal identity to all its citizens …”

The way forward
Melissa Castan and Paula Gerber

“It is clear from the chapters of this book that the majority of Australians do not experience any significant difficulty registering a birth and obtaining a birth certificate. For this reason, the contributors to this collection have not suggested that the entire birth registration system is broken or in need of major overall …”

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