Future Leaders is a philanthropic initiative about leadership and our future. It seeks to involve, inform and inspire.

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Future Leaders is a philanthropic initiative about leadership and our future. It seeks to involve, inform and inspire.



The Future Leaders Awards recognise and reward young Australians who have shown achievement, leadership and potential.

Future Leaders Environment Award
Helen Handbury Leadership Award
Future Leaders Writing Prize
Future Leaders Future Justice Award
Future Leaders Photography Prize

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The Future Leaders Indigenous Awards recognise Indigenous students who show leadership and academic potential.


A New Generation of Writing

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Information and ideas about careers in law are featured on video and in written format.

Career Development
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Future Justice

Future Justice is committed to economic, social, cultural and environmental advances for the present generation whilst securing and strengthening the life chances of future generations.

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All the Future Leaders publications have been a fantastic addition to our library collection and have been a useful resource for staff and students. Teacher Librarian

NEW IN 2014

A Year in the Life of Australia tells the story of politics,sciences and the arts in contemporary Australia from some of the country’s sharpest academic minds. It is a collection from 2014, looking back with an eye to the future.

Science Matters. How will science address the challenges Australia faces today and in the future? This book is an inspiring collection from some of the nation’s sharpest minds, showcasing the role of science in navigating our collective future.

A Love of Ideas. How can we look to the future with optimism and courage, when so many problems seem insurmountable? A Love of Ideas draws together the proposals of a diversity of thinkers and their solutions to the difficulties we face. This is a book that will inspire, motivate and educate the reader. Young award-winning writers are also presented in the second part of the book.

Free copies of Future Leaders publications are available for schools, universities and libraries

Future Leaders publications are also available in digital format.


Future Leaders ebooks can be read online.


Individual chapters in Future Leaders publications are available to download.

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Award winners

Writing by winners of the Future Leaders writing awards are available to download.

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A Year in the Life of Australia

Science Matters

A Love of Ideas

The Story of the 2013 Election

99 & Counting Medical Myths Debunked
now in Ebook