Future Leaders is a philanthropic initiative about leadership and our future. It seeks to involve, inform and inspire.

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Future Leaders is a philanthropic initiative about leadership and our future. It seeks to involve, inform and inspire.



The Future Leaders Awards recognise and reward young Australians who have shown achievement, leadership and potential.

Future Leaders Writing Prize
Future Leaders Environment Award
Helen Handbury Leadership Award
Future Leaders Future Justice Award
Future Leaders Photography Prize

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‘… winning the Future Leaders Writing Prize allowed me to realise the effect my writing has on others; the power the written word has to inspire connection, shift perceptions and ignite passion. This is something I remind myself of each time I write’.

The Future Leaders Indigenous Awards recognise Indigenous students who show leadership and academic potential.

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A New Generation of Writing


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Information and ideas about careers in law are featured on video and in written format.

Career Development
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Future Justice

Future Justice is committed to economic, social, cultural and environmental advances for the present generation whilst securing and strengthening the life chances of future generations.

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New Publications

This book is about your rights and those of others. The chapters in Humane Rights, written by leading advocates, academics and jurists, cover rights in Australia and Internationally. They are challenging and demand much attention. We should all be greatly concerned about the issues discussed in this book by Michael Kirby, Julian Burnside, Kelley Johnson, Gillian Triggs, Kate Auty, Ian Lowe, Gareth Evans, Spencer Zifcak, Phoebe Wynn-Pope, Pip Ross and John Riordan.

Dancing in the Rain: Living With NCDs is an optimistic book about preventing and living with noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), those burgeoning global illnesses that affect millions of people each year such as cancers, chronic respiratory diseases, mental illnesses, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. In our modern world with unprecedented access to high energy foods and sedentary lifestyles, the medical, social, economic and environmental issues associated with these conditions deeply concern our public health leaders, in the rich and poor countries. Dancing in the Rain highlights that living with NCDs is like dancing in falling rain; you get wet but life can still be a lot of fun. The second part of the book features writing by young people; winners of the Future Leaders writing awards.

Proof of Birth. Australia has not yet achieved universal birth registration, which means that many people without a birth certificate struggle to enjoy the benefits of citizenship. In particular, people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, rural and remote communities and culturally and linguistically diverse communities, are over-represented in the number of unregistered births. Without a birth certificate these individuals are unable to realise many of their basic human rights. This book draws together the work of a range of experts from diverse fields who present recent developments and strategies designed to overcome the barriers to accessing the birth registration systems. It provides recommendations to help communities, governments and civil society work together to ensure ALL Australians are able to obtain a birth certificate to enable them to fully participate in Australian life.

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Award winners

Writing by winners of the Future Leaders writing awards are available to download.

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